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How do I download the files I purchased?

Generally speaking, your files will be available to download within minutes of your purchase. You will receive an email, and the links should also be visible on your purchase confirmation page. You may also re-access your files by going into your account and viewing your orders. 

  • Etsy purchases: If you can't find the email from Etsy, visit your Purchases page to access downloads: https://www.etsy.com/your/purchases (Unfortunately, files can't be downloaded through the mobile app--you may either open your browser on your mobile device, or use a desktop computer.)
    • If you have purchased a Corjl template, you will receive an email from Corjl with instructions on editing/downloading your template. Please check your junk mail folder if you don't see it.

    How do I print the instant downloads?

    However you want! In most cases, you can print your digital downloads in whatever way you prefer, including:

    • using your home printer

    • printing at a copy shop such as UPS or FedEx

    • using an online printer

    • printing through a photo lab

    What kind of paper should I use for the printables?

    White cardstock is usually best, though it depends on the item. Coated cardstock can make the colors even more vibrant. Cardstock with a linen texture can give an upscale vibe to your item.

    I *highly* recommend doing a test before printing off a large quantity. Be sure to cut and assemble your test print to make sure the your results have the quality you want. If your home printer isn't handling the colors well, I recommend using a professional copy center instead.

    Will you print the items for me/can I purchase printed items?

    No. I'm not currently set up to have your digital purchases printed, cut, or constructed. I can make suggestions for printers, though, depending on your needs. 

    How do I attach the cupcake wrappers?

    You can adhere cupcake wrappers in any way you want, but I personally prefer clear tape. It's easy and there is no drying time. I chose not to include latching tabs on my cupcake wrapper printables because they can be tedious to cut around. Cupcake wrapper instructions are also included on the PDF that comes with your purchase.

    Can I use a cutting machine (Silhouette, Cricut, etc.) on my printables?

    Maybe! Most printables come as PDFs, which some customers have had success with in their cutting machine. None of the printables has been tested with a cutting machine, though, and I cannot offer any technical assistance with that since I've never used one.

    I'm on a Mac, and the editable PDF I purchased isn't working correctly.

    Did you open your file in Preview first? Doing so seems to mess with the PDF for some reason. It's important you open it in Adobe Reader *before* opening it in another PDF reader (like Preview). You'll need to redownload your file by going to Purchases.

    How can I remove the little plus signs that the PDF keeps adding when I fill in my custom text?

    These are text field overflow indicators, and they show up when the font is supposedly too large or too much for the space. They can show up even when your word(s) are fitting just fine, depending on the font. To remove the indicator, go into EditPreferences and uncheck the box that says "Show text field overflow indicator."

    How can I contact you with another question?

    Please use the contact form located here, or the chat box on the bottom right corner of the site. (If you made your purchase on Etsy, please message the shop through the Etsy system.) I generally respond within a few hours during business hours (M-F 8:30-6pm PST), and often within a day on weekends and holidays.


    What is Corjl?

    Corjl is a website that makes it easy to edit and personalize and download certain templates that you purchase in this shop. There is no software to download, and you can even make limited edits on your mobile device. The use of the Corjl editing site is included in the cost of the template. I have chosen to work with Corjl because they provide a user-friendly site and wonderful customer service. For best results, use Google Chrome on your desktop computer when editing your template.

    All Corjl-editable products have a free demo that you can try before you buy. Please see each listing for a link to try that very product.

    How can I tile different versions of my template onto one page (e.g. different gift tag names, different place cards, etc.)?

    Please refer to the instructions included with your purchase, and check out this video that explains the process more thoroughly:

    Why is Corjl saying my template has expired?

    Corjl templates have an expiration date (generally 180 days after purchase, but you can look at the item description to be sure). After expiration, you will need to repurchase the item to use it again. However, anything you downloaded before can be reprinted as needed without purchase. It's just your access to make edits that runs out.

    Why is Corjl not allowing me to download more copies of my template?

    Corjl templates have a download limit (generally 20, but you can check the item description to be sure). After you've reached your limit, you will need to repurchase the item to use it again. However, anything you downloaded before can be reprinted as needed without purchase. It's just your access to make edits that runs out.


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