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Tracking Chart - Weight loss and other data
Weight Tracker
Weight Tracker
Weight Tracker
Tracking Chart - Weight loss and other data
Tracking Chart - Weight loss and other data
Tracking Chart - Weight loss and other data

Tracking Chart - Weight loss and other data

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This printable template makes tracking your weight changes easy and fun. Simply fill in the labels on the sides of the chart either in Adobe, or hand write them. Print, and add a dot at the intersecting lines for each new measurement, connecting them as you go. Seeing the patterns, progress, and change on the graph you create can be informative and motivating.

This chart was originally created to track weight, but it can be adapted for a wide variety of uses. Plug in numbers for vitamin levels and other measurements from your doctor as you work on your health. Or use it for a completely different topic where there is data to record. Labels are easily changed to suit your needs. Great for tracking child development, finances (budget, goals, debt), books read, miles run, attendance to a recurring event, and more. Hang graph in visible place so you can update it regularly. Create as many different graphing charts as you want (for personal use)!


1 Weight Tracking Chart PDF + Printables Guide + General Instructions

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* Print! Punch holes to add pages to a binder, if you wish. Fill in charts with your information as needed.

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Customer Reviews

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Tess Z.

Not really what I wanted . I wanted a blank graph to be able to track weight in 1/10 of a pound daily and in bigger boxes

Natalie C.

It was okay. Been struggling

Rodrigo F.

Perfect for my fitness planner. Thank you!

Stephanie K.

I am ready to use it!

Heidi R.

As expected per description on page