Bridal Bingo
Bridal Bingo
Bridal Bingo
Bridal Bingo
Bridal Bingo
Bridal Bingo
Bridal Bingo

Bridal Bingo

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Bridal Bingo cards for you to print and use over and over. High-quality art featuring various aspects of being a bride. So prettily feminine, lightly sophisticated, and fun for many ages. Great bridal shower/sprinkle game! Fun activity for bachelorette parties and other bridal gatherings. Pictures are labeled to help avoid confusion. A full set of the pictures/calling cards is available to print, cut, and put in a bag to draw from. A second page serves as a mat to place called images on to keep track.

Spanish version available here.

Bingo cards measure half a page (5.5x8.5") and are laid out two per 8.5x11" page.

A set of single-page cards is also included if you need to print them larger. In the print window, have it scale to fit the 8.5x11" page and they will print out at about 125% of their size.

You will receive three PDFs upon purchase:

  • Bingo cards set up 2 per page
  • Bingo cards set up 1 per page
  • Calling cards with tracking mat
  1. Purchase and download the file(s) (files are available once payment has processed)
  2. Open the file(s) in a pdf viewer such as Acrobat Reader (available free here:
  3. Print however you like: on your own printer or at a copy shop such as FedEx or The UPS Store. White cardstock is recommended.

VIRTUAL BINGO: I understand that during the pandemic, many are playing Bingo across Zoom/etc. Ideally you will mail printed cards to game players in advance. However, that isn't always feasible, so you may email *just one card* per person for game play on that one occasion. (If you need help separating the cards, there are free sites such as or you can contact me for assistance.) Cards are numbered so it's easy to keep track of who has what. DO NOT email the entire Bingo set (with calling cards, etc.), per my shop policies. If any of your recipients are interested in the whole set, please direct them to purchase their own here in my shop. Thank you! Have fun!

This design is not editable and is for your personal use only. Do not use the design commercially, email to others, or resell under any circumstances.

Please see Policies and Terms of Use for more information.

This design features art by:

Customer Reviews

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Fay G.

…… … … … ..


Easy to print out, cute

Cassandra K.

5 stars review from Cassandra

Hannah M.

Great product, such a pretty design and so easy with instructions provided how to print etc. would definitely recommend.

Tricia P.

These cards are great! I had no trouble downloading and printing them. There are the cards, a master card and one with the items to call, which you cut out. The graphics are pretty and easily understood. We had a lot of fun! The seller had great communication regarding making sure the download and print process went smoothly. As a matter of preference, I would suggest using matte finish photo paper. I tried a glossy sheet and really did not like it. It caught to much light.