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Last-Minute Valentine's Day Activities For All Ages

Jessica R. M. S. Activities Games party Valentine's Day

The great thing about digital downloads is that you can be a procrastinator and still bring the entertainment! :) If you're looking for a fun way to celebrate, here are a few suggestions that you can download immediately and print up for your needs.

Bingo is a hit with most ages, from kindergarten kids to elderly folks. There are several sets available, but I especially love this Sweets & Treats version with all of the pastel goodness.


Who doesn't love a good word scramble? Try to guess these popular (or cliché) Valentine's Day gifts.


A crowd-pleasing game that can be done solo. Word finds are a perfect way to calm the kids or keep guests busy.


Here's a larger word find for older kids and adults--it includes 40 different Valentine sweets.


These dot-to-dots are great for the younger kids who are learning to count, and the older ones who just enjoy seeing the picture reveal itself. This set comes with 4 different pictures in two styles depending on the child's age.


Create your own bingo set with this fillable PDF. Type in all of your bingo text (such as guest qualities for an ice-breaker, or maybe movie clichés if you're going to indulge in some Hallmark) and it'll automatically mix up on the cards in the document so everyone has a unique game board. 



If you're a fan of Scattergories, this one is decorated and themed toward Valentine's Day topics. Super fun and you can even change the topics if you like.

Have fun! Let me know in the comments how you like to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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