October Bingo Glossary

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October Bingo

Yay October! AKA the best month, if you ask me. Yes, it's my birthday month, but also a magical time with lots of happy memories. :)

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Here's the first of hopefully 12 monthly glossaries as a reference to the pictures included in the set. I encourage you to do your own research and read up further on the ones that interest you.

31 Days - Pretty self-explanatory, but it's always a nice reminder which months have which quantity of days.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - One of the best October events, in my opinion. :) My sisters used to live in ABQ, so I've attended a few times and it's magical.

Apple Cider - I'm not personally a fan, but it's everywhere in October. You may even be able to see how it's made at a pumpkin patch or apple farm.

Apple Cider Donut - Now of these I am a fan. Even if I don't make it to the pumpkin patch, I can usually find some in the store to enjoy as a fall treat.

Baking - October is a great time to bake. There are pumpkin/apple treats, of course, but some might even start practicing for Christmas gifting.

Caramel and Candied Apples - A signature fall treat that's delicious and fun to make. They're a great October-November party activity when you add plenty of toppings for your guests to experiment with.

Columbus Day - This is one of those times when Wikipedia says it best.

Corn Maze - Another popular pumpkin farm activity. 

Cosmos - One of October's birth flowers.

Crow - They're around all the time, but their caws on a cloudy day give such a moody fall vibe. And, of course, they are a popular decoration for Halloween and harvest.

Fog - It depends on where you live, but the thickest fog seems to roll in during October. I've almost always lived in a valley where it's common, and it's become a happy sight because it means I might see droplets on a spiderweb

Front Porch Decor - Besides Christmas, fall seems to be the biggest time of year to decorate. And it seemingly gets more elaborate each year. I sometimes drive to charming neighborhoods just to look around and see Halloween decorations.

Halloween - October 31, which is the perfect date so that people can celebrate all month leading up to it. Halloween has become such a big deal that you can't really avoid it. While I'm not into gore and disturbing images, I love the whimsical and beautifully-spooky elements of Halloween. It's probably my favorite holiday to design for, which is evidenced by how many Halloween products I have. 🎃

Harvest/Hunter’s Moon - October is one of a few months where the full moon can have either of two names, depending on when it occurs. Whichever full moon is closest to the fall equinox gets the name Harvest Moon. This can be in either September or October. Then each month has an alternate name to fall back on if their moon isn't closest to the equinox. For 2023, October's moon is a Hunter's Moon since September claimed the Harvest Moon for 9/29.

Haunted Happenings - Salem, Massachusetts is where the witch trials were held hundreds of years ago. They've embraced their association with witches and it's a big part of tourism there. From their website: Salem Haunted Happenings is a festive celebration of Halloween and fall in New England running annually, October 1-31. Events include a Grand Parade, the Haunted Biz Baz Street Fair, Family Film Nights, costume balls, ghost tours, haunted houses, live music, and chilling theatrical presentations. 

Hay Bales - Another common decorative item in and out of pumpkin farms. Plus, they make me think of hayrides, which are a fun fall activity. While working on this bingo I had the urge to be near that hay smell...I'll definitely have to get out to the patch this year.

Hot Chocolate - One of those beverages that I often forget about until fall or winter, and suddenly it's the best thing ever.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day - Wikipedia to the rescue. This is a counter-celebration to Columbus Day. It seems appropriate to learn about both.

Jack-o’-lanterns - This is not only to represent the decorative item, but the activity of carving pumpkins. I haven't carved a pumpkin in many years because I hate cleaning the pumpkin. What I want is to be able to purchase an already-clean pumpkin to carve. Do they sell those?

Marigold One of October's birth flowers.

MLB World Series - Baseball fans know that October is a big month for the sport, and the World Series begins in October each year.

Mushrooms - With those damp, cool days come lots of toadstools.

Octo - October used to be the 8th month of the year before the Gregorian calendar came into effect. "Octo" is the Latin word for eight.

Opal and Tourmaline - October birthstones.

Peak Fall Color - Obviously this depends on where you are, but many states see their most vivid fall coloring during October. It's a great time for US travel since kids are back in school and temps are mild. I know that New England is famous for their fall color, but I live in the Pacific Northwest, and it's pretty impressive here as well. I know that places like Colorado and the Midwest also have some pretty displays. 🍂🍁 What's it like in your state?

Pumpkin Everything - I love enjoying a few pumpkin-flavored treats each fall. Donuts, pie, bars, cakes, and even yogurt has some seasonal versions with pumpkin. My husband's not a fan--isn't that weird?

Pumpkin Patch - Some call them pumpkin farms. I actually rarely went as a kid, but I've really enjoyed going as an adult, either with nieces and nephews, or even with just adults. It's a happy place (until it gets sooooo crowded--then you have to find a smaller one).

Rain - Time for cute jackets and pretty umbrellas. Or lots of reading and cozy indoors time.

Raking the Leaves - NOT my favorite chore, but I find seeing the piles of leaves around the neighborhood delightful. 

Scarecrow - More popular decor during the month of October.

Seasonal Produce - Squash, pears, apples, figs, beets, and ginger are among the many fresh fruits and veggies ready for picking.

Spider Web - Depending on where you live, this might not seem very Octobery, but since I moved to Oregon I've noticed how many more full and pretty webs I see in the fall. As long as they're outside and out of my path, I can appreciate them (plus, see Fog for an added benefit).

Sports - Some of the sports (besides baseball, which got its own mention with the World Series) that are getting lots of viewing and excitement in October: football, hockey, basketball, and soccer.  

Sweaters - I also mentioned sweaters in September, because it's hard not to think of sweater weather when you think of fall. Plus, I have tons of cute sweater art that I want to put to use. :)

Telluride Horror Show Film Festival - From their website: Colorado's first and largest horror film festival...attracts the latest & best genre films from around the world and attendees from all over the country for an incredible gathering of film fans in the world-famous mountain resort town.

Village Halloween Parade - From Wikipedia: an annual holiday parade on the night of every Halloween, in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. The parade, initiated on October 31, 1973 by Greenwich Village puppeteer and mask maker Ralph Lee, is the world's largest Halloween parade and the only major nighttime parade in the United States.

Did I miss anything? Of course! There are so many things that occur each month, but I try to choose a variety of popular events and symbols that make this month special. It’s tough deciding what to feature. While creating them, I'm often limited by the available art (or my ability to create it) as well as the desire for some balance and consistency. I know that some important symbols and events get missed, and of course each person has a different experience, but I hope I have touched on at least a few meaningful aspects of the season for many Americans (and beyond). 

October Bingo

Remember that you can purchase October bingo right here. Thanks for reading!

What are some of your strongest October associations?

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  • Jessica on

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Dan: She sounds lovely! ;)

    Katharine: That sounds so fun. And now I’m craving hot dogs.

    Erin: Haha…yes, that and the one from Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

    Dania: Well, I used to be jealous of people with summer/June birthdays! But now I’m glad mine’s in October. :)

  • Dania on

    I love your bingo sets, but I 100% agree, October is THE best month. I’m jealous of those who get to call it their birthday month :) :)

  • Erin M on

    I always connect October with pumpkins, crisp outdoors, hayrides, and bonfires. Oh, and also that Anne of Green Gables quote that is trotted out and posted all over social media every October 1st. Ha!

  • Katharine on

    We used to always have our last cookout/weenie roast of the year in October for my husband’s grandma’s birthday. Even as she got older she loved those outdoor times. She’s gone now but I still think of her when we have a bonfire on a chilly October evening.

  • Dan on

    My wife’s birthday is also in October, so I have a lot of memories of that ; )

    October always makes me think of watching college football when I was young (I watched NFL too, but I remember the college stuff more).

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