March Bingo Glossary

Jessica R. M. S. Bingo Glossary

March Bingo

March's bingo set is now available in the shop. Click here to go to the listing. Here's an explanation of the chosen images:

31 days - Pretty self-explanatory, but it's always a nice reminder which months have which quantity of days.

Academy Awards - While the Oscars can sometimes air in different months, it seems March is the most common in recent years. 

Aquamarine & Bloodstone - March's birthstones.

Birdhouse - This is a great representation for March since birds are so closely associated with spring, plus it's a manmade craft that allows for some interaction with nature. Spring is a time to get our own houses in order, and it's also fun to make homes for birds, or at least observe them in their natural homes. 🐦

Cesar Chavez Day - March 31 - I was surprised to learn that despite both Washington and California observing this federal commemorative holiday, Oregon does not. Only 7 states do so far. I don't remember learning about Chavez growing up in CA, but I did work down the block from César Chávez Plaza in Sacramento and later learned a bit more behind the name. 

Cherry Blossoms - Sometimes the peak of the season falls in April, but I think by the end of March many areas have at least started getting a few blooms. They are, of course, a big deal in Japan and in Washington, DC, but I'm guessing in many other parts of the world as well. I live in Salem, OR, which is nicknamed Cherry City and there are long rows of cherry trees in front of the state capitol. It's beautiful, but I've heard some rumors that they might have to be removed... I don't know the update on that. It would be sad! 

Chicks - Easter will get a bigger mention in April, so I kept the references to a minimum, but chicks seemed like a good choice.

DaffodilMarch's birth flower. 

Daylight Saving Time Begins - Who knows if this will no longer be a thing someday, but for now it seems it's not budging. Unfortunately.

Daytona Bike Week - A large motorcycle festival in Florida that's been going on for more than 80 years.

Easter - March is a tricky month to cover, because it's an overlap month for several holidays. Sometimes I choose the more common month, but in Easter's case I felt like it needed a March mention, especially since it's on March 31 this year.

Fishing - Apparently early spring and late fall are the best times for fishing, so I thought I'd give this a mention even though I personally associate it more with summer. I'm trying to be culturally sensitive to the serious fishers out there. ;)

Flowers - Obviously!

Gardening - After many plants are dormant over the winter, March is a busy time for gardeners. Like the ones I hire, because I hate yardwork.

Holy Week - AKA Passion Week, this is one of those overlap occasions that can also occur in April. It is the week leading up to Easter when Christians remember the events right before Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Growing up in the Lutheran church, we had lots of services to attend this week!

In like a lion, out like a lamb - Of course this saying needed a mention. 🦁🐑

Lent - The 40 days (not counting Sundays, so it's actually 46 days) before Easter. This often begins in February or ends in April, but March always has a bit of Lent.

Maple Syrup Season - One of the most interesting topics I learned about for this bingo set! Early spring is the best time to tap the maple trees for sap. I guess because New England is often associated with fall, I would've guessed that's when trees were tapped, but hey, I'm a Gen X-er who grew up on the West Coast. I didn't even taste maple syrup (that I know of) until adulthood.

March Madness - Madness indeed. People get a little crazy over their sports.

Mardi Gras - AKA Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. While this is technically the Tuesday before the beginning of Lent, Mardi Gras/Carnival-related festivities begin back in January after Epiphany, so the season overall is probably more associated with February in areas where it's a greater emphasis (such as New Orleans). 

Mars, Roman God of War - This is where March got its name.

Parades and Festivals - There are soooooo many different events happening around the country for all of the holidays that may fall in March. This was my quick representation for all of the St. Patrick's Day parades, Easter Festivals, Mardi Gras celebrations, Purim carnivals, and more.

Pi Day - One of those funny little holidays that I felt was known enough to earn a spot. Do you have pie for Pi Day, or recite the digits you've memorized?

Purim - These bingo sets are giving me a bit of education on Jewish holidays that were a mystery to me before. (Again, I grew up on the West Coast!) Purim isn't the biggest Jewish holiday, but apparently it can be the funnest. It's related to the events in the Old Testament book of Esther, and celebration involves prayers, giving to charity, and also partying. 🎉 Sounds like a good balance!

Rain - We get plenty here in Oregon, anyway.

Rainbow - Rainbows get a mention since they're often spring-related, but also because they are also associated with St. Patrick's Day.

Ramadan - Another "holiday" I know very little about, but the fact that I have heard of it means it must be big. It's actually the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, which Muslims all over the world observe with fasting, prayer, reflection, and community. March seems to be both a very festive and fast-y month for various religions.

Seasonal ProduceThere's a lot of crossover for which fruits and vegetables are fresh each month, but green veggies seem to be the stars for March: asparagus, chard, artichokes, mustard greens, fennel, and more.

South by Southwest in Austin TX - I hadn't heard of this, but it's a large festival for music, film, and interactive media. The timing coincides with Spring Break for UTA. It's a pretty big deal down there, so let me know if you've attended.

Spring Break - Growing up (pre-college), this would fall during the week before Easter and I believe we called it Easter break. But now schools seem to follow the local university dates (which range from late February to early April), and it's not necessarily related to Easter. [Slightly related rant: I never understood why there aren't some days off specifically for Easter. Even working at a Christian university, we didn't get anything off even though it's such a busy time of church services and celebration. Not even Easter Monday to recover, really?]

Spring Cleaning - I'm sure there is some history behind this tradition, but I think it's more that when the sun comes out, people finally have a little energy and inspiration to tackle projects.

Spring training - Major League Baseball spring training continues in Florida and Arizona.

St. Patrick’s Day - March 17th. One of the most beautiful holidays since my fav color is green. 💚

Vernal Equinox - AKA the first day of spring! Yes!

Women’s History Month - I thought this deserved a mention. Did you know each year there is a different theme? 2024's is Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Worm Moon - March's full moon is called the Worm Moon. 😝 Pretty.


Did I miss anything? Of course! There are so many things that occur each month, but I try to choose a variety of popular events and symbols that make this month special. It’s tough deciding what to feature. While creating them, I'm often limited by the available art (or my ability to create it) as well as the desire for some balance and consistency. I know that some important symbols and events get missed, and of course each person has a different experience, but I hope I have touched on at least a few meaningful aspects of the season for many Americans (and beyond). 

🌸 Remember that you can purchase March Bingo right here. Thanks for reading!

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