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February's bingo set is now available in the shop. Click here to go to the listing. Here's a brief explanation of the chosen images:

28 or 29 days - Pretty self-explanatory, but it's always a nice reminder which months have which quantity of days.

Amethyst - February's Birthstone

Ash Wednesday - This can fall in February or March. It's the first day of the Lenten season, which leads up to Easter. Some churches apply an ash cross to the forehead of those who attend services.

Black History Month - February is many things, and I felt this longstanding designation deserved a mention.

Canada Geese - Many parts of the US see plenty of Canada (and Cackling, as it turns out) geese honking away in fields and overhead during the winter. I used to work across the street from a big field where they'd gather by the hundreds and then take off all at once several times per day.

Chinese/Lunar New Year - The more current way to refer to Chinese New Year is Lunar New Year since the celebration takes place in other countries besides China. But many of the symbols and traditions are taken from the Chinese celebration, so I kept that reference.

Conversation Hearts - A popular candy in stores this month, but unfortunately not a very tasty candy. They're still fun with their cute colors and dorky messages, though.

Crocuses - A common flower to pop up in February and open its petals on the sunny days.

Fat/Shrove Tuesday - The final day of the Mardi Gras (which means "fat Tuesday") season that began on Twelfth Night in January. Similar celebrations within the Christian church are called Shrove Tuesday or, apparently, Pancake Tuesday. It's a day to eat delicious foods before Lent, when many people fast from particular foods/habits. This can take place in either February or March.

Februa - It was tricky to nail down the exact origin word/meaning of February since different resources cite different related words, like Februum, Februus, and Februalia. I settled on what I saw the most. Whichever word is technically the origin, the idea is the same: it was named after an ancient Roman purification feast that involved lots of interesting and...adult...rituals. It was a time to cleanse and transition to spring. 

Football Party Food - Some of the popular snacks that you might find at a Super Bowl watching party.

Frosty Mornings - Even the warmer parts of the US sometimes have cold, sunny mornings where you can see your breath. I wanted to mention to cold weather that doesn't involve snow.

Fur Rendezvous - "Rondy" is an annual event in Anchorage with lots of wintry activities, such as dog sledding. The name is a reference to the fur trade industry that was very important back when the festival began in the 1930s.

Galentine’s Day - You know I can't forget Galentine's! The show Parks & Recreation made it popular, and now lots of girls and women gather for brunches, spa days, and other types of parties to celebrate female friendship.

Groundhog Day - February 2, when a rodent decides how long winter will be. ;) Also, one of my favorite movies!

Ice Castles Frozen Attraction - This is relatively new, but I thought it sounded so cool that it deserved a spot. There are several cities in the US where ice architects create these elaborate castles that you can visit and explore. They also add LED lighting so it's extra spectacular at night. Have you been to one? I'd definitely check it out if I lived closer.

Leap Day - The extra/29th day of February. We have one coming up this year.

Lent - This can fall in February or March. It's the period of fasting, prayer, and remembrance (of Jesus' 40-day fast and temptation) before Easter/Resurrection Sunday. People observe in different ways, but growing up we'd have a soup supper and service on Wednesday evenings at our Lutheran church.

Love Note - A traditional Valentine gift, this picture can also represent the Valentines/cards kids hand out in class. For me it was always an exciting part of the month. Honestly, I still enjoy it!

Mardi Gras New Orleans - While the Fat Tuesday reference is for the holiday itself, this bingo square is specifically talking about the very well-known festivities in New Orleans and elsewhere in Louisiana. 

MLB Spring Training - Baseball spring training begins in Florida and Arizona. My husband educated me on the fact that the beginning is a big deal even though it lasts throughout March. 

Presidents’ Day - The timing of this holiday is due to George Washington (and later, Lincoln) having a February birthday. But now it's a celebration of all US presidents. Or, as most think of it, a welcome long weekend.

Primrose - One of February's birth flowers.

Pro Sports - Football has the Super Bowl, baseball has Spring Training, but hockey and basketball are going strong and a big part of the month as well.

Punxsutawney Groundhog Day Celebration - Most know that Groundhog Day is a big deal in this small Pennsylvania town. There are various activities leading up to a large gathering at Gobbler's Knob when it's time to find out if Phil the groundhog saw his shadow. I wouldn't mind checking it out one day, except it sounds really crowded and, of course, cold. 🥶

Seasonal Produce - There's a lot of crossover for which fruits and vegetables are fresh each month, but I settled on a handful that are often mentioned, including citrus fruits and leeks.

Shed Antlers - After the male deer (including elk, moose, and probably many other animals in the deer family) shed their antlers, February is a popular time for people to go into the woods and collect them to have as souvenirs or use in decor. Some collectors and families make this an annual tradition.

Ski Lodge - A popular getaway in February is to go skiing, and a lodge would be the perfect place for a romantic Valentine's Day trip.

Sledding - Since skiing and snowboarding were part of January's bingo set (as well as the Winter Olympics mention in this one), I decided to feature sledding. Even if you don't live where it snows, you can often go on a drive to the mountains to experience a little snow with the kids.

Snow Moon - February's full moon is called Snow Moon. Fun fact: sometimes February doesn't have a full moon at all, since a lunar month is 29.5 days long.

Super Bowl - AKA "The Big Game" when trying to avoid licensing issues. :D Does this even need an explanation? Oh, except that it used to be in January, and it's taken me awhile to associate it with February instead.

Valentine’s Day - Falala! One of my favorite holidays.

Violets - One of February's birth flowers. Some sources also mention irises, but I didn't include it in this set since it seems less commonly associated with February.

Winter Animals - Some of the active animals this time of year are beavers, foxes, and squirrels.

Winter Clothing - An assortment of cold-weather apparel.

Winter Olympics - Every 4 years. The next ones are in 2026. 


Did I miss anything? Of course! There are so many things that occur each month, but I try to choose a variety of popular events and symbols that make this month special. It’s tough deciding what to feature. While creating them, I'm often limited by the available art (or my ability to create it) as well as the desire for some balance and consistency. I know that some important symbols and events get missed, and of course each person has a different experience, but I hope I have touched on at least a few meaningful aspects of the season for many Americans (and beyond). 

💌 Remember that you can purchase February bingo right here. Thanks for reading!

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